$10 DIY Flower Girl Baskets

May 27, 2016
$10 DIY flower girl baskets

I’ve been engaged for almost five months. That’s crazy to me. It already feels like I’ve been planning for forever! My latest endeavor has been finding some flower girl baskets for my three lovely flower girls. I’ve looked at tons of different stores and holy crap are the prices outrageous! Most places I saw were selling plain white ones for close to $30. THIRTY DOLLARS? For a basket?! No. No way. I’ll make my own.

And so I did! If you want to learn how I made three lovely custom flower girl baskets in about an hour and a half, read on.

Step 1: Gather your supplies


For this project I made three flower girl baskets. Obviously depending on how many baskets you’re making you will need more or less materials. To make three baskets you will need:

  • 3 small baskets. I got mine at Michaels for $5 each.
  • A spool (?) of ribbon. I’m using thinner satin ribbon but if you’re making larger/taller baskets then by all means use the thicker one.
  • Hot glue gun and glue. I love my mini gun. I got this at Walmart a million years ago and it’s treated me well. I keep all my glue sticks in a zip lock baggie. You’ll probably need about 3-4 sticks depending on how glue-happy you are.
  • Scisors. Not pictured. Just something that can cut through the plastic flower.
  • 2 bunches of flowers. Mine are also from Michaels and I believe they were on sale for $2 each. I wanted something small and delicate so I picked these bunches with smaller flowers. You can change the flowers depending on the size of the baskets and make them either white or whatever your colors are.

Step 2: Create a Ribbon Trim


I started out by measuring ribbon around my baskets. Once I knew how much I needed to loop around the basket, I cut three ribbons of equal length. 


Next I hot glued the ribbons on to the basket. I started right under the handle and looped around. I placed a drop of hot glue on all four corners to make sure it wouldnt come unglued. Don’t worry about the seam showing, you’ll use the flowers in the next couple steps to hide it!

Step 3: Adding Flowers


The first thing I did to prep my flowers was to cut them. I left anywhere from 1-2 inches of the plastic stem so I could weave them into the basket. I wasn’t sure how many flowers I wanted to use, but I did know I wanted flowers on both sides of the handle so after I cut them I divided the flowers into six equal piles so that each basket could have the same amount of flowers on each side.


After I had my piles all done, I started weaving the flowers into the basket. Once I had a general idea of how I wanted all the flowers arranged I added a small dot of hot glue to the back of the flower (inside the basket) so that it wouldn’t pop out. This worked well most of the time, though some flowers did require extra glue to keep them in place. If you plan on doing this technique I recommend doing small dots and then adding extra glue if its necessary since you don’t want the inside of the basket to be covered in globs of glue.

To get the cascading flower look that I was going for I first arranged all the large flowers and then added the smaller ones to fill in any gaps.


Instead of trying to weave in the small flowers I ended up cutting them close to the bottom of the flower, which allowed me to glue directly on the wood, instead of having to try to weave the stem in between the woven pieces of the basket.

Step 4: Wrapping the Handle

I contemplated leaving the baskets without the ribbon wrapped across the handle, but I felt they were a little too plain.

If you don’t want to add the extra ribbon then stop here. Congrats! You have yourself a basket.

If you want to know how to wrap it, then keep reading.

To create my ribbon wrapped handle I cut three pieces (one per basket) of ribbon about 40 inches long.  I started by hot gluing a small portion to the inside of the handle, waiting for the glue to dry (VERY IMPORTANT OR YOUR RIBBON WILL MOVE AROUND AND DRIVE YOU CRAZY!!)  then tightly wrapping it around. Once I got to the other end I trimmed the extra piece and glued it towards the bottom along the interior of the basket. It’s pretty much unavoidable to have the seam show here but as long as you don’t have a gluey mess, it shouldn’t be super noticeable.


I love how simple and delicate they came out, and I really hope my flower girls love them as much as I do! I’ll be filling them with a mix of purple and white hydrangea petals for them to toss as they walk down the aisle.

Do you like them? If you’re planning to DIY your baskets as well I would love to see them! Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @shalott!

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