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March 2015 easy stuffed tomatoes

Easy Stuffed Tomatoes

Hello Lovelies! Today is the first fabulous spring day of the year and I’m feeling extra excited about all the fruits and veggies that are starting to come in season. I found some beautiful tomatoes at my local farmers market this morning and was immediately inspired to make pomodori…

March 30, 2015
seven fruit prints that wont break the bank

Frugal Fruit: 7 Fruit Print Items That Won’t Break The Bank

Finally after what seemed like forever, winter is over. Well, at least here in Dallas anyway. To celebrate spring’s long-awaited arrival I’m packing up my coat and bringing back my floral prints and pastels. This year I’ll also be adding to my spring wardrobe mix…

March 28, 2015

What’s In My Makeup Bag – March 2015

I’m not perfect. Sometimes I forget to take my makeup off at night and sometimes, sometimes, I use dry shampoo two days in a row. Shocking, I know. On the days I’m feeling particularly lazy I wait to do my makeup until I get to work, giving…

March 26, 2015

$25 Outfit Challenge

Today I challenged myself to put together an entire outfit for $25 including shoes. I was inspired to do this after flipping through some fashion magazines, and quickly realizing that even the “affordable dupes” for high-end couture cost a fortune. For my thrifty outfit I chose…

March 25, 2015