Hello 2017 & My New Years Resolutions

January 3, 2017

To say that 2016 was a bad year for me would be an understatement. Without going into too many details, in 2016 I:

  • Had to put down my dog after it mauled my mom.
  • Cancelled my wedding. (Click here if you want the dirty details.)
  • Got my wisdom teeth removed.
  • Gained a bunch of weight (okay, this one is really my fault).
  • Ignored my blog and made zero progress.

I’m a pretty positive person and despite having just gone through a year of some pretty substantial setbacks, I refuse to let 2017 be a year even remotely similar to 2016. I am a firm believer that if you put your goals on paper you’re far more likely to getting them accomplished, so today I want to share with y’all my 2017 resolutions!

To keep them organized, I’ve split them into four categories: financial, spiritual/mental, health, and professional.


In 2016 this is the area where I excelled in the most and I really want to continue the positive momentum in the coming year.

Put $20,000 into my house – Though my ultimate goal is to be completely debt free, it’s not really a realistic goal since I still have a pretty substantial chunk of home loan to pay off. This year I’m resolving to pay off $20,000 of my house loan. $20,000 is a pretty hefty goal, so I plan on staying on track with my trusty qapital app. I use this every month to set aside money for things I’m trying to save up for.


Part of my larger, more abstract goals for the year is to be in a better headspace. I’m usually pretty tough on myself and so I’m working harder on loving myself and others more.

Reflect – I plan on using my planner this year not just to keep track of to do lists and deadlines, but to also reflect and contemplate each day on what I did. I’ve tried keeping up with a journal before and it was too much of a hassle, so I’m hoping that I can stay on track by only having to jot down a few sentences in my planner each day.

Reduce negative self talk – Self talk is the little voice inside your head that makes little comments to you as you go on about your day. Mine happens to be pretty a pretty harsh critic, which forces me to look very negatively at my imperfections and struggles. I know getting rid of all negative self talk is a tall order, but this year I resolve to treat myself with more kindness and be more attentive to how I see myself. I really plan on embracing the power of positive thinking and will try really hard to turn negative thoughts like “damn girl, your thighs are so jiggly you could give jello a run for it’s money” to “let’s work a little harder to get me looking like the me I want to be”.



This is the area where I admittedly need the most improvement. I used to really shy away from talking about my weight and my struggles with weight loss but I’ve recently realized there’s no point in shying away. It’s not like by not talking about it people can’t tell I’m overweight. So this year I’m putting all my cards on the table.

Lose 100lbs – Yes, I realize this is a lofty goal but once it’s broken down into weeks it’s really not that bad. To lose 100lbs I will need to lose 2lbs per week, with two weeks in the year as a buffer. Using some admittedly rough math, that means I’ll have to restrict my calorie intake to about 1,200 calories a day. This past year I’ve been really bad about eating out and not restricting my portions, to keep myself on track I’m going to be cooking at home a lot more. Right now my favorite source of yummy and healthy recipes is Skinnytaste.

Take on a 30-day  fitness challenge – I’ve seen these floating on Pinterest for years but this year I’m resolving to actually do one of the challenges instead of just pinning it and feeling bad about myself. I haven’t decided which challenge to take on just yet, but as of right now I’m leaning towards the 30-day squat challenge.



Grow my Instagram family to 10k strong – This past year I really slacked on Instagram and the numbers really show it. My growth was insignificant and engagement was pretty minimal. I really want to dive into the world of Instagram and be substantially more active. I resolve that in the month of January I will post 50 meaningful images, with the ultimate goal of hitting 10k followers by the end of the year. I’m going to keep track of my growth and what I do to achieve it, so if anyone is interested I will report back at the end of the year on my findings.

Write 100 blog posts – 100 really is the number to hit this year, huh? Due to some unforeseeable circumstances (re: the extensive list at the top of this page), I really couldn’t give my blog the attention it deserves. This year I’m cutting out the excuses and challenging myself to write 100 posts in the year. As of right now I am thinking of sticking to a Monday and Friday schedule, but I’m open to input from all of you guys on if there is something better that you prefer!

…And that’s it! What are you resolving to do in 2017?

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