5 Newbie Makeup Questions You Were Afraid to Ask – Eyes and Brows Edition

March 27, 2015

Whether you’re a makeup pro or just starting out, everyone at some point in their makeup journey comes across something new – a product, a tool, a new way to apply something – that leaves them puzzled. This has happened to me tons of times, especially at the beginning stages of my love affair with makeup, when I was an awkward thirteen-year-old haphazardly layering jet-black eyeliner exclusively on my waterline. Hot, I know. My knowledge of beauty products has (thankfully) progressed quite a bit, but I thought it would be useful to share 5 commonly asked beauty questions about eyes and brows and their respective answers.

Q. I put on eyeshadow but after a few hours it fades and creases, what do I need to do to have it stay on all day?
A. After applying your moisturizer add a thin layer of eyeshadow primer and let it dry. This will prevent creasing and will also make sure your colors stay vibrant. My favorite is Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Q. Why do I need to use brushes for eyeshadow applications? Aren’t my eyeshadow sponge applicators enough?
A. This is totally up to you, however different brushes are used for different application techniques, so if you want a more controlled application brushes really are the way to go. Sponge applicators are also harder to clean, so your colors are likely to get more muddled.

Q. Is there a process on how I should apply everything? Do eyes come first?
A. There aren’t any steadfast rules on what is applied when, but there are a few guidelines on the general order. First you always prep your face, which includes applying moisturizer, sunscreen (yes, even if your foundation has sunscreen you should still wear some!), and face primer. After you’ve prepped your face and given it a few minutes for everything to absorb into your skin, you can go ahead and apply your foundation, concealer and setting powder. Again, this is a general guideline and there are instances where you would actually contour your face with cream products before applying foundation, but that’s for another post. After your basic face canvas is ready it’s up to you what you would prefer to apply first. Personally I always like to do my eyes first, so I can easily clean up any eyeshadow fallout without messing up the rest of my face. Once you’re happy with your application lock that puppy in with some setting spray.

Q. Every time I try to apply eyeliner I look like a panda.
A. Not really, a question but a valid concern. Unfortunately the answer to this is practice, practice, practice! For newbies I would highly recommend felt tip liner pens like the one mentioned in my March 2015 favorites. This will give you a great deal of precision and let you draw thin lines and gradually thicken them as you see fit. Another helpful tip for applying eyeliner is to apply it as lots of little dotted lines, and then connecting them. This technique will reduce the likelihood of your hand slipping and will prevent panda-eye.

Q. How do I shape my eyebrows? I’m worried I’ll make them uneven!
A. First off your eyebrows are supposed to be sisters, not twins. You can try to make them twins, but in all likelihood all that is going to do is lead to over plucking and an unwanted case of invisi-brows. Check out the diagram below to learn how to shape your brows to the most flattering shape for your face.

How to shape your eyebrows

1 – Grab a straight edge and line it up vertically to from the edge of your nostril to eyebrow. I like to use a white eyeliner pencil for this, because it’s straight enough to use as my guide and I can use the white liner to mark where my eyebrows should begin. Hair passed this point you can get rid of.

2 – Rotate your same straight edge to the middle of your eye, this is more than likely where your natural brow arch should be. You’ll see this because it’s the point where your eyebrows start sloping downwards. Also (most of the time) you’ll see the hair change direction. This point is the most natural and flattering arch for your brows, so lightly remove hair from the bottom (always from the bottom!!) until you have your desired arch. Remember – you can always remove hair but unfortunately you can’t add it back. So go extra easy on the tweezing here.

3 – Rotate your straight edge one final time to align with the end of your eye. Make a mark. This is where your brows should end, so remove any hair that falls after the mark.

These three points give you a general idea of the shape of your brows, so use them as your guide!


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