American Airlines Is The Absolute Worst

July 7, 2015
Shitty American Airlines

If you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged in almost a week it’s because I’ve been out of town, first visiting family in Italy and then riding the Mummy seven times in a row at Universal Studios Orlando. But now I’m back and hitting the blog game harder than ever.

Before I jump back into beauty blogging though I wanted to take a second to remind everyone to never ever fly American Airlines. In fact, if you have the option of driving, riding on the back of a dragon, or walking, do that instead.

It all started on my flight back to Dallas from Orlando on Sunday. My boyfriend, brother, and I were supposed to all be flying back to Dallas, and then my brother would fly from Dallas to Houston, where he lives.

We boarded our flight at 5:10 and despite a small baby’s bloodcurdling screams, we were pleased as punch. We waited. And waited. And waited until around 6:30, when the pilot made an announcement that due to inclement weather he would have to fly via an alternate route, meaning we would have a longer flight.


At 7:30, while still on the runway, the pilot made another announcement saying that unfortunately there were legality issues with the flight and he and the cabin crew would no longer be able to fly us to Dallas. As it turns out, American Airlines refuses to pay their employees overtime, so the pilot was capped at 9 hours of flying per day, and would not be able to get us home.

Then we waited and waited. We were told to sit down for two hours and the cabin crew informed us that we would not be able to get up to go to the bathroom. They didn’t serve us drinks. They didn’t let us off the plane. We were stuck in a perpetual limbo of nothingness, playing Bejeweled for what seemed like an eternity.

After some time they let us off the plane and told us that the flight would have to be delayed until 11 pm. We sat at the terminal looking like sunburnt, sad little smurfs and waited. And waited. And waited.

American Airlines didn’t offer us anything for this trouble. In fact, they didn’t even help my brother find a flight back to Houston.

Once 11 rolled around we all lined up at the gate and waited. And waited. And waited. At 11:45 from the shadows of the now completely closed-down terminal emerged a single flight attendant, beaming from ear to ear and holding two giant to-go boxes of food. We continued to wait and finally the pilots and the cabin crew arrived. Everyone clapped in the most deliciously sarcastic way a clap could ever be clapped.

We then boarded the plane again. It was happening. It was finally happening.

We sat there for a suspiciously long time and then a few minutes after 1 am the pilot told us there was an electrical error and a mechanic would have to come check out the plane before we would be cleared to leave. At this point I was too upset and tired to complain, so I watched Frozen on the inflight entertainment. We finally left at around 1:45 am and arrived in Dallas at 3ish.

American Airlines never apologized for anything. They also never found my brother a flight, so he’s staying at my house for this week until I can drive him home this weekend. I contacted them via their complaint forum, but naturally they never replied.



Have you had any horrible travel experiences? Vent below!

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