Boii Cosmetics Cuticle Oil Review

May 31, 2015
boii cosmetics cuticle oil

My obsession with nails and nail care continues and today I decided to venture into the world of cuticle oils. Cuticle oils are oils (duh) often infused with vitamins that help keep your cuticles moisturized and easy to work with. The oil prevents the cuticles from drying out and splitting – a painful experience that happens especially often to me.

To remedy my sorry cuticles, I bought the BOii Cosmetics Lavender Cuticle Nail Oil. I’ve been dying to try products from BOii cosmetics for a while so I thought this was the perfect occasion. BOii Cosmetics is a relatively new (established in 2012) cosmetics brand that specializes in nail polish and nail care, though they do have other types of products.

Overall this product gets a 4.5 star(fish)

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Price: Their stuff is decently affordable and I got my cuticle oil for $10 plus shipping.

Longevity: This is pretty moisturizing but obviously the longevity lasts depending on how much you add. I try to use it twice a day since my cuticles dry and crack very often, so I would probably need to use it more in colder months.

Smell: AMAZING. It is easily the best smelling cosmetics product I’ve ever had. It smells even better than the Too Faced Solei Matte Bronzer which I thought was impossible. Even though there is apricot oil in the product, it smells completely of lavender. I would compare the smell to lavender essential oil diluted down a bit.

Application: The product comes in a little bottle like nail polish so to get this on your cuticles you just brush it on with the little brush. The only reason this product isn’t five stars is because the application is a little messy. I think if it came in a little pen that I could just throw in my purse this would have gotten 5 stars.


Overall I love love love this product. It works so well that I oftentimes also put a little on my hands instead of hand lotion because it lasts longer and it’s actually even more moisturizing. 10/10 would buy again.



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