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Easy Pumpkin Mashed Potatoes

It’s been a hot minute since I blogged. And honestly I could babble on and on with excuse after excuse but what if instead I soothed your sweet little eyeballs with a recipe so delicious and so easy you’ll be forced to give in…

October 25, 2017

Kale Protein Salad

I hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving! I had a wonderful time and hosted the festivities at my house for the first time. Everything went swimmingly with the exception of a small anxiety attack I had when I came to find that the turkey…

November 30, 2015
goat cheese and heirloom tomato bruschetta

Goat Cheese and Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta

Today I’m sharing a really quick, really easy cooking tutorial inspired by my recent trip to Italy: goat cheese and heirloom tomato bruschetta. (Feel free to let your mouth water as you read along.) This is a great recipe that can be eaten as a…

July 10, 2015
Veggie Tian

Individual Vegetable Tian

I love vegetables. I love them cooked. I love them raw. I love them juiced. There hasn’t been a vegetable I’ve come across that I didn’t like. Unfortunately my boyfriend doesn’t share the same sentiment so I’m always having to find creative ways of making single-serve…

April 1, 2015 easy stuffed tomatoes

Easy Stuffed Tomatoes

Hello Lovelies! Today is the first fabulous spring day of the year and I’m feeling extra excited about all the fruits and veggies that are starting to come in season. I found some beautiful tomatoes at my local farmers market this morning and was immediately inspired to make pomodori…

March 30, 2015