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Plus-Sized Buys of the Week

You know what sucks? Like what really sucks? Being a plus-sized person and going shopping with someone not plus-sized. I like to shop by myself because it prevents me from comparing myself to others. I also like to shop by myself because I can…

November 9, 2015
stress free shopping at forever 21 and h&M

How To Shop Stress-Free at Forever 21 and H&M

One of the most annoying feelings in the world is opening up my closet and, after 10 minutes of rummaging through piles of clothes, realizing I have nothing to wear. It’s a phenomenon that makes absolutely no sense, but presents itself pretty often in…

June 16, 2015
seven fruit prints that wont break the bank

Frugal Fruit: 7 Fruit Print Items That Won’t Break The Bank

Finally after what seemed like forever, winter is over. Well, at least here in Dallas anyway. To celebrate spring’s long-awaited arrival I’m packing up my coat and bringing back my floral prints and pastels. This year I’ll also be adding to my spring wardrobe mix…

March 28, 2015

$25 Outfit Challenge

Today I challenged myself to put together an entire outfit for $25 including shoes. I was inspired to do this after flipping through some fashion magazines, and quickly realizing that even the “affordable dupes” for high-end couture cost a fortune. For my thrifty outfit I chose…

March 25, 2015