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How to Pack your Makeup for a Weekend Getaway

November 5, 2015
travel makeup bag

Over the summer I published a guide on how to pack a complete vacation makeup kit. It was a comprehensive guide that included everything from skincare to false lashes and it got a bunch of views. Problem is though, that kit weighed a ton. It was perfect for my long vacation overseas but it got me thinking; what about a kit that includes only the best of the best? A kit that has everything I could possibly need but is lightweight and minimal. Something that can fit in my suitcase without needing a separate cary on bag just for my cosmetics.

So I challenged my self. For my upcomming trip to San Antonio I gave myself limited real estate (one Ipsy bag size of makeup and a separate little one for brushes) to see if I could come up with an all-star team that would be so excellent I wouldn’t feel like I was going without.

Here are my results:
vacation makeup

I got everything to fit in one of my little glam bags and my brushes in a separate kit. Everything weighs way less than a pound and I have enough stuff in there to do multiple looks. The trick to getting everything in there is to:

Bring products you know you like and use often

This is not the time to be experimenting with new products because if it turns out that you don’t like something, you’re stuck using it and will have wasted precious makeup bag real estate. Stick to what works.

Bring travel/sample sized products

I’ve been a Ipsy/Birchbox/Glossybox subscriber for over two years now so I’ve accumulated my fair share of travel and sample sized products. If I find something I really like I’ll buy the full sized version after trying out the sample a few times and keep the sample as my spare. This way I always have a backup of the product and a tiny version of it to travel with.

But on to the actual contents!

travel makeup bag

Ta-da! Seems like a lot to fit in that tiny little bag, doesn’t it? The contents include:


Cover FX Natural Finish Oil Free Foundation
I’m not a super huge fan of the formula but it can handle travel way better than most my liquid foundations. The container is also very small which is a major plus.

IT Cosmetics Eyelift in a tube
This product doubles both as a highlighter and concealer in a sleek little tube. The coverage is amazing and lasts forever. For a full review, click here.

Benefit the Porefessional
How cute is this teeny tiny sample?! This is a little bit of a wonder product because it basically makes you look airbrushed (and I need all the airbrushing I can get!). It reduces the appearance of pores and annoying little lines that I’m definitely not imagining and are most certainly there.

Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder
I use this to set my foundation. It’s amazing at mattifying everything so it also takes the place of blotting papers!

So Susan Universal Blush
I like this because it’s not too shimmery and goes well with everything. I don’t normally go heavy on the blush so I wanted to bring something that would compliment a lot of looks.

Eyes and Brows

My “big” palette is the Urban Decay Naked Basics, a sleek palette with basic matte colors. This is the foundation to most of my looks and it has a good variety of lights and darks. I use this as my main palette and bring travel sized shadows to be able to create different looks without taking up a lot of space. My supplemental shadows are theBalm Nude Dude in Flirty, a shimmery milk-chocolate brown, and the Apricot Glow duo by Pixi which was one of my September favorites.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
I have gross oily eyelids. It’s something I’ve come to terms with. If I don’t wear primer all my makeup crinkles and creases and I have black eyeliner marks underneath my brows. That’s just how things go. The only product I’ve ever found to effectively prevent this is Too Faced Shadow Insurance. It not only doesn’t budge, but it makes the colors look more vibrant all day.

IT Cosmetics Brow Power
This is my go-to brow product and it’s exceptional for travel because it also comes with a built in brow brush! The formula is long lasting and builds extremely well, making it perfect for creating looks with both toned-down and bold brows.

I usually bring a pencil/retractable and a felt tip liner when I travel so I can do looks with winged liners as well as smoky and smudged looks. I brought the ULTA retractable pencil which I use for tightlining, waterline and smudging right under my waterline, as well as my Eyeko eye do liquid liner because the felt tip pen is spectacularly fine so I can do both thick, intense liner as well as thin and whimsical looks.

Too Faced Better Than Sex
I love this so much I’m on my third full-sized tube. This is easily the best mascara I’ve ever tried. if you want to know more check out my review here.


Jouer Lip Conditioning Treatment
I’ve been applying this stuff religiously for the past two weeks and I can definitively say that it’s the reason why lips have stayed free of dry patches. My lips dry out very easily and I use a lot of drying/matte lipsticks so I use this to ensure that they stay soft all day long!

I’ve been really into bold lips lately so I wanted to make sure I would have plenty of room for at least a few lipsticks in my bag. If you aren’t big into lipstick you can absolutely cut down by bringing one lip product that goes well with everything. But I wanted to make sure that all my bases were covered so I’m bringing a Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural in N9/Copper Pink, and two of my favorite Stila Stay All Day liquid lipsticks: beso and baci. I swatched these a few weeks ago so if you’re interested in checking them out, click here.

To apply everything I’m bringing my IT Cosmetics Your Superheroes Full-Size Travel Brush Set.

IT Cosmetics Travel Brushes

As you can tell, I haven’t had a chance to use these yet so I’m very excited! The set comes with six brushes and even though they’re labeled as travel the quality is definitely as high as their regular brushes. The holder divides in two with three brushes on each side. Above is the picture for the foundation brush, an “absolute shadow” brush (which I intend on using as a blender brush), and a smoothing concealer brush.

Your Superheroes Full-Size Travel Brush Set

On the other side is a powder brush, a crease brush, and a double-ended brow and spoolie brush. I wish this kit included a flat eyeshadow brush but overall I think it’s pretty great for the price.

And that’s it! That’s my complete long weekend/weekend getaway kit!

What do YOU normally pack when you go out of town? Do you have some favorite travel products or hacks? Let me know in the comments section below!

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