Let’s Explore: Airbrushing & Luminess Air Cosmetics

October 13, 2015
pro airbrushing

Hello lovelies, so glad you could stop by! A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to review the Luminess Legend Air airbrush System and totally jumped at the chance. It’s a application technique that I have been dying to try but for some reason I’ve always been super intimidated of trying it. There’s something about having to apply my makeup on with a machine that makes it seem so high brow!

airbrush makeup

I was sent the Luminess Legend Airbrush System. The kit comes with an airbrush system in a large box and a smaller box that contains the actual makeup. This exact set is actually on sale right now for $149.99.

luminess air airbrush kit

The kit includes the compressor with a stylus attached, a little book with tips and tricks, a DVD that shows you how to apply everything, an empty bottle for water to clean the kit, and a power cord. I think they expect you to be intimidated because there are reminders everywhere to have you watch the DVD; the stylus even has a little sticker on it to remind you to watch the DVD!

luminess air silk foundation

The box of products way wayyyyy less intense and included two different shades of foundation, a blush, a highlighter and a primer. They have various finishes available for their foundations including silk, ultra, satin, and matte but I decided to go with silk because:

a. That sounds insanely luxurious and

b. I always wear matte foundations, so I decided that since I was experimenting with a new application type it was fitting to try a new finish as well.

First Impressions

I’m not going to lie, the first time I tried I majorly messed up. No amount of DVD watching could prepare me for the splotchy, oompa loompa-esque mess I made on my face. It was actually a combination of a couple things:

  • I was really skeptical of how a few drops of anything could give me flawlessly full coverage, so I applied about 20 drops which was way too much.
  • I didn’t keep the nozzle far enough.  This really prevented me from being able to get an even coverage. I would suggest keeping it about 6-8 inches away.
  • Even though the lighter shade was far closer to my skin tone I decided to test out the darker shade since I figured it wasn’t going to be very noticeable because of how few drops I was using.

I’m happy to report though that all of those issues were due to user error and after a bit of practice I’ve been able to get flawless coverage in a fraction of the time it would take me to apply my regular liquid foundation.

The Application

Now that I’ve gotten a chance to incorporate it into my routine I can safely say that this is my new favorite way of applying my foundation and blush in the morning. I’ve gotten it down to about 5 minutes including cleaning out the machine which is actually faster than it normally takes me to apply my foundation, concealer, powder, blush, and bronzer. To use the system I:

  1. Begin by adding three drops of primer into the stylus and turn the machine on. The machine lets out air but will only release the product once the trigger is pulled. I keep my hand fairly far from my face (probably around 10 inches) and move it up and down and then side to side. Unlike all the other products which are completely odorless this one has a little bit of a plastic smell.
  2. I then add about 8 drops of the lightest foundation which is an exact match for my skin. I like that the formula dries almost immediately so I don’t have to wait for everything to dry before I can move on to the next step. Depending on how much coverage I’m looking for, I’ll add a couple drops once I’m out of product if I see that I have a particularly red spot.  I keep the nozzle about six inches from my face since my goal with this is to get a fuller coverage.
  3. After I apply the foundation that matches my skin I like taking  just a few drops of the darker one and doing a really light contour in the hollows of my cheek. The darker foundation mixes with the residue of my matching foundation still in the stylus so the result is a beautiful (read: non oompa loompa-y) and natural glow.
  4. I take two drops of the blush, in my case the color tulip, and spray them at about 5 inches from my face onto my cheeks. I like to go a little closer with this one because the color is very intense and I don’t want it to get all over me.
  5. I finish it off with two drops of highlighter applied the same way as I apply the blush. I found that the highlighter is actually the hardest product to apply because of how pigmented it is. None of the products are very blendable, which is fine provided you apply them correctly, but that means that its hard to blend out the harsh highlighter lines.

luminess air before and after photo2

As you can probably tell from the altogether too large photo of my face, the coverage is extremely natural looking but covers redness extremely well. Also because of how fast it dries there’s no pooling of product under my eyes. Score! The only negative aspect of the application is that sometimes my hair can get in the way of the spray, so I’m left with some pretty full-coverage follicles. It comes off with a makeup removing wipe, so no biggie.


Cleaning up the system is actually fairly easy. You fill the little bottle with water and squirt a few drops of it into the chamber that holds the makeup. You put your finger on the nozzle and press the trigger. Since no air can come up it bubbles up into the chamber unclogging all the gunk that’s building up. Once you’re satisfied with the bubbleage you just pull the trigger back and spritz all the leftover makeup. (Obviously they explain it much more eloquently in the booklet.) And that’s it. You turn off the machine and holster the stylus.


  • Coverage is extremely buildable. Rather than wasting product, put in a few drops at a time and refill it as needed.
  • Always keep your hand moving when you spray. This prevents the application from getting splotchy.
  • Don’t pull the trigger all the way back. The airflow is way too strong and the application won’t look smooth. I always start out at the lowest one and work my way up if I want a little more coverage in a spot.

Final Thoughts

Despite having a little bit of a learning curve, I’m completely sold on airbrushing and the Luminess Legend Airbrush System. The product lasts forever (It was still on after I got home from 10+ hours of being at work!), it’s hypoallergenic, and it’s super fast to use. If you’re interested in checking out one of their systems, now’s your chance!


The kind folks at Luminess Air were kind enough to give me a special 20% off your purchase discount. Go shop till your little hearts burst using the coupon code 357434670 and then show me your lovely airbrushed faces on instagram @shalott or on twitter @littleshalittle.


Disclaimer: Today’s product was sent to me for reviewing purposes by Luminess Air however all opinions are my own. Aside from being sent the above products, I was not compensated for my review.

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  • Stacie October 18, 2015 at 11:47 am

    Yay! You did great with this. I’m trying it out too and there is definitely a learning curve. I think I had all of the same exact issues with my first two tries. Loving it now too! Stacie xo

    • shalott October 18, 2015 at 8:59 pm

      I’m a huge fan! I am running out of product a lot faster than I anticipated. I’ve seen some stuff on Pinterest about creating your own foundation but I’m skeptical. Have you tried?

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