Lip Kit by Kylie Review

March 7, 2016

Its been a crazy few weeks! I went on a small hiatus for the month of February after getting engaged (!) but now I’m back and busier than ever! I have so much planned in march and an amazing stockpile of products I’m just dying to review.

Today I’m reviewing Lip Kit by Kylie, possibly one of THE hottest lip products out right now. These lip liner and matte liquid lipstick  combos have sold out in minutes each time they’ve gone on sale and they’re so in demand that people have started reselling single kits for well over $200, despite retailing for $29. I’ve even seen pre sales for the yet-to-be-released “22” on ebay for $1,000.

But are they worth the hype?

Yes and no.

About Lip Kit by Kylie

The product is designed and curated by Kylie Jenner, baby sister to Kim Kardashian and queen of social media, which has naturally given the product a giant boost in popularity. Between her 53+ million Instagram followers and 14.5+ million Twitter followers, it’s easy to say Kylie has social media down to an art. She’s been phenomenal at converting likes and follows into real life dollar signs.

We see celebrities release their own cosmetics lines all the time though. Even her sisters released Kardashian Beauty, and it was nowhere near as popular and Kylie’s lip kits. So why the fuss?

Well, unlike many celebrity-endorsed products that rely on a celebrity’s star power to sell something, the quality of these lip kits is actually pretty outstanding.

First Impressions

Though there certainly are better alternatives in the now incredibly saturated liquid lipstick market, the lip kit holds its own by also coming with a lip liner and being priced at a very reasonable $29. I was able to get my hands on Mary Jo K, a true blue red, thanks to an amazing friend who patiently stalked the website until they restocked.

As you can see from the swatch above, the color is incredibly vibrant and a really beautiful shade of red.


I’m a big fan of how this product applies. Though it does take a little bit of time to dry to its fully matte glory, the formula goes on very smoothly. Like most liquid lipsticks, it is a bit drying, though I would say substantially less drying than the Stila Stay all Day liquid lipsticks. It also has less of that powdery finish than the Stay all Day lipsticks. Most matte liquid lipsticks I’ve tried have also either had no smell at all or a faintly chalky one. The lip kit however, has a really delightful vanilla scent which I don’t mind one bit. The only negative aspect about the application is that it does take a little bit of time to dry matte.


I really wanted to put the lip kit to the test so I wore it for a full day and documented my results.

8:00 AM – My lip is bright. My lip is bold. Nothing can stop the power of my fierce fierce red lip.

mary jo k swatches

11:3o AM – While the outer edges have remained in fairly good condition, the inner portion of my lip has almost all worn out. I snacked on a few things before my 11:30 check-in but nothing overly greasy or oily. If I weren’t testing out the longevity of the product, I would have absolutely reapplied before getting to this point.
mary jo k test

1:00 PM – I’ve eaten my lunch and Mary Jo K is all but gone. At this point I’m embarrassed to leave my office for fear of my co-workers seeing my awkwardly faded lip. Major shoutout to the lipliner for staying on so well. But still, I continued the experiment.

mary jo k

3:00 PM – It’s been 7 hours and even the outer edges of my lipstick are gone. I don’t ever really expect a liquid lipstick to stay on all day, but I’m mildly disappointed that it really only gave me about 3 hours of wearable color. Granted, I’m pretty rough with my lipsticks, so I hardly ever make an effort to avoid eating a certain way or drinking a certain way just to keep my lipstick on longer.

Overall Thoughts

Though the longevity is not quite as great as some other liquid lipstick alternatives, this is a pretty minor issue for me since I have no problem reapplying. What the product lacks in longevity it makes up in flawless application and with the fact that it comes with a matching lip pencil that worked extremely well. As far as celebrity makeup lines go, this is towards the top of a very short list of quality products. I will absolutely purchase again (if I can catch them before they sell out).


What are your thoughts about the Lip Kit by Kylie craze? Is the hype warranted? Let me know in the comments section below!

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