Lorac Mega Pro II Palette Swatches

November 3, 2015
Lorac mega pro II swatches and review graphic

I was debating on if I should get the Lorac Mega Pro II palette because, like most products that  have a crazy amount of hype around them, I had a feeling it couldn’t possibly meet expectations. Boy was I wrong!

Lorac Mega Pro 2

Aside from my Make Up For Ever flash palette, this is the most expensive palette I have ever purchased. Let me tell you though, it is completely worth all $59. All of the colors are very wearable, even the flashier ones like the electric blue and the bright gold. The colors are creamy and practically blend themselves. I also really love how pigmented they are.

Lorac Mega Pro II swatches

Like many of my other swatches, I added a base of white from my Make Up Forever Flash Palette to get the colors to show better. This absolutely not necessary since the colors are so vibrant. The palette also has a great variety of mattes, shimmers, lights, and darks. Because the colors are so varied I think this actually would work for people with both warm and cool undertones, so I recommend this to everyone! The colors included are:

  1. Porcelain – Extremely pale yellow. Great for highlighting.
  2. Bisque – Very similar to porcelain but with red undertones.
  3. Sugar – Apparently this is the color of my skin? A warmer beige color.
  4. Moonlight – Iridescent white with hints of yellow. Great for highlighting.
  5. Custard – Matte pale yellow. One coat of this looks substantially more sheer. Builds well.
  6. Lavender – A light purple with cool undertones. This is one of the less pigmented colors and applies very sheer.
  7. Chiffon – Shimmery, sheer soft pink.
  8. Seashell – Iridescent soft pink. Substantially more shimmery than Chiffon and a bit darker.
  9. Tawny – A matte, nude brown. Has red undertones.
  10. Purple – Matte color with great pigmentation. Builds well and has a pretty opaque coverage.
  11. Prosecco – Shimmery ice pink. This reminds me a lot of the color pink chiffon by Anastasia Beverly hills with far less fallout.
  12. Peony –  A shimmery light pink. Has orange/red undertones.
  13. Burlap – Matte medium brown.
  14. Sorbet – Darker matte pink with red undertones. Very pigmented
  15. Soft Plum – Very sheer purple with just a hint of sparkle.
  16. Dark Sienna – By far one of the most long-lasting, opaque, and pigmented colors. A dark brown with a bronze shimmer.
  17. Melon – Sheer, matte, orange.
  18. Goji – A very light burgundy. Extremely long lasting and builds well.
  19. Cinnamon – Bronze shimmer. Pairs really well with Dark Sienna.
  20. Penny – Ultra opaque dark gold. Extremely iridescent.
  21. Tangerine – Matte orange with red undertones. Very sheer.
  22. Cabernet – Dark matte plum that builds decently well. The first application is fairly sheer so it may require multiple coats.
  23. Sandstone – matte taupe-y brown. Not super long lasting and also had a decent amount of fallout.
  24. Olivine – Sparkly grey with hints of green. Also had a decent amount of fallout.
  25. Saddle – Deep chocolate brown. This blends SO well!!
  26. Ash – Smoky, deep purple. This actually applies pretty sheer so you need to pack it on if you’re trying to get a really opaque look.
  27. Gunmetal – Glittery/metallic silver. This was easily the wort about fallout to the point where I had to totally redo my foundation.
  28. Gold Leaf – This an intensely opaque gold color with tons of shimmer. I was worried about fallout on this one but it actually holds together surprisingly well!
  29. Forest – When this is applied lightly the dark green comes through beautifully but two coats makes it extremely dark, almost black. I found this to be one of the less wearable colors.
  30. Black – Matte black. Great pigmentation.
  31. Blue Quartz – The swatch is a bit deceiving because the white underneath makes it look very loud but its easy to created a more toned down look with this medium blue.
  32. Black Ivy – Similar to the black except with pretty significant shimmer. The shimmer has a deep green tint to it and is extremely small so it doesn’t have a ton of fallout and isn’t particularly loud/obnoxious.


What do you think? Love the palette? Hate it? Are you going to buy it? Let me know in the comments below!

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