Luminess Air AirSupremacy Review

May 24, 2016
The following review includes a product that was sent to me for reviewing purposes.
However, all opinions are my own.

Today I’m reviewing a product I’m terrified but simultaneously excited to try….SPRAY ON FOUNDATION! That’s right. Lazy beauty junkies rejoice because today I’m trying the Luminess Air AirSupremacy Ultimate Flawless Mist Airbrush Foundation.

What it is:

A mist foundation created from a mixture of water and mineral makeup.

The Good:  

I was very impressed with the product. The formula is really light and airy (haha) and is buildable without feeling like you’re caking the product on. Before I tried it, my primary concern with this product was accuracy. I was very pleased to find out that not only is accuracy not really an issue, but the nozzle is small enough to be able to target specific areas that need more coverage.

The best thing though is how massive the line of products is. There are 10 shades of foundation, 10 shades of color correcting foundation/concealer, a primer, a bronzer, three blushes, a sealant, and four different kinds of body shimmers. You could literally buy four cans of makeup and have almost a full face without ever having to touch a brush. MIND BLOWN.

Lastly, I really appreciate that it doesn’t have a scent. Since my only real basis for comparison is spray on tans, I was really worried this was going to have a similar smell. Luckily, the AirSupremacy has zero smell aside from a really light foundation smell. After about 10 seconds of applying it that goes away too though.

The Bad:

I think this is an extremely solid product and I would likely purchase it again, however there are some small but annoying issues. Because the formula is water based it separates in the can which means you need to shake it before applying it. The AirSupremacy is perfect for quickly doing your makeup, but it’s hard to do that discreetly with how loud the shaking is.

Also, like I said before this is mineral makeup meant for buildable coverage. This is not a full coverage foundation and it will take you quite a few sprays and a good amount of drying time to get a full coverage. I wouldn’t really recommend this for anyone looking for something that covers pigmentation issues, though it could work if combined with some concealer.

The Verdict:

Overall I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a light to medium coverage foundation. I also recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to fuss around with brushes and sponges and wants something for makeup on the go.

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