Luminess Air Haul & Mystic Foundation Review

July 12, 2016
Luminess Air Haul & Mystic Foundation Review

The products mentioned in the haul & review were sent to me for reviewing purposes however all opinions are my own.

This month has been HOT here in Dallas. We’ve had insanely high (read: over 100 almost every day) heat and when this time of year comes around the last thing I want is heavy makeup on my face. When the thermostat hits the high 90s or God forbid the 100s, I usually switch my routine to include BB creams rather than heavy, full-coverage liquid foundations.

Like a beacon of hope in this Sahara desert of a summer, Luminess Air sent me a fabulous little box of goodies last week to check out including their newest foundation, Luminess Air Mystic. The Mystic foundation is an all-in-one foundation, concealer, corrector and primer that you apply through their airbrush system and is meant to give full coverage even with just a very light application. A foundation I can spray on in under a minute and feels as soft as a BB cream but with the coverage of something much more intense? Yes. Please.

But before I go on to my full review, let’s check out all the other goodies in the haul:

Luminess Mystic

Swoonnnn. Right? From bottom to top, my haul included:

Luminess Air Professional Infinity Longwear Mascara

This mascara is meant to both lengthen and curl lashes all while being longwear and waterproof. The formula is really light and doesn’t clump easily. Though I haven’t really had a chance to test out it’s waterproof-ness, I’ve been wearing this for the past few days and I’m happy to report that there has been zero flakeage.

Luminess Air Airbrush Lipgloss in the shade LG-07

I was really surprised by this gloss because the applicator reminded me of the Stila lip glazes but it was actually much lighter of a formula. LG-07 has no real color and more of an iridescent shimmer. I was impressed with how hydrating it felt and that it wasn’t particularly sticky. I’ll be reaching for this in fall quite a bit since I love wearing glosses but hate getting my hair stuck to it when it’s windy outside. I’m very interested in trying the other shades!

Luminess Air Fotoset Pro Face Primer

The face primer is meant to diminish look of spots and blemishes and go underneath any of the foundations in their lines of airbrush makeup. However, the primer does not go into the airbrush system itself, but instead has a pump to distribute the product. I found it was easiest to apply using a damp beauty blender since the formula is so thick. A little goes a very long way with this product and one small pump left my face feeling really soft. I would compare this to the Baby Skin primer without that overly silky feeling. I know some people really like that silky, peach-like feeling, but if you don’t really like to feel like you have a ton of product on, I would recommend this over Baby Skin since it doesn’t have a lingering texture.

Luminess Air CC+ Airbrush Concealer

I’m not really sure how to feel about this product. While the product itself was fine and did cover blemishes and some smaller zits, I think their shade range is pretty limited so unless you fall into one of their four available concealer shades, this won’t really help you. I had the fair concealer and it didn’t really work for me. Though I’m extremely fair, I have very strong yellow undertones and this is very very pink underneath. I would recommend this for people who are interested in some pretty full coverage but light textured concealer that have red undertones.

Luminess Air Professional Translucent Setting Powder

As far as product design, this is quite cool. Once you remove the clear cap the little brush is exposed. The brush has a hollow center and the setting powder automatically gets distributed around the brush so its great for on the go. Unfortunately, the brush is some of the poorest quality I’ve seen around. It reminded me of the brushes you get in those $5 makeup kits that they have on sale at Walmart around Christmas time. The bristles (you can probably tell in the picture above) are uneven and some stick up higher than others, there are also a good amount of stray bristles poking out of the sides. To add insult to injury, the brush is stiff and feels like it it’s stabbing you in the face. The product retails for $36 and I can’t fathom why. Though the setting powder itself may be great quality, the applicator is so unusably bad that I would rather use a marginally less effective product just so I don’t have to feel like I’m poking myself in the face with these bristles of death.

But the highlight of the show was the Mystic foundations, so let’s go ahead and review those!

Luminess Air Mystic Foundation

Coverage: One of my main complaints about other Luminess airbrush foundations I’ve tried is that the coverage wasn’t as full as the kind you get from some other traditional methods of application. Though the formula was very buildable, it did take quite a bit of product to get it there. It seems like Luminess fixed this issue with the Mystic foundation. The formula applies just like the Air Essentials though the coverage is immediately fuller. To get a non-cakey full coverage foundation I used four to five drops. Recently I’ve had some rosacea flare ups and I’m happy to report that it covered it completely without either concealer or a second spraying of foundation.

Price: The foundation retails for $39.99 but given how little of it you need, I think that’s actually a very fair price for how many uses you get out of the bottle.

Shade range: I’m happy to report that the Mystic seems much more yellow-toned skin friendly. I had found that both the matte and satin had strong red undertones, so it’s nice to see a line that’s more flattering for us with yellow undertones.

Application: This applies just like all the other airbrush foundations I’ve tried despite its substantially fuller coverage. After a few days of practice it takes me just a couple minutes to prime, airbrush, and clean my kit. As far as foundations go I would say this, and to a larger extent airbrushing, is easily the least time consuming application method.

Longevity: I tested the longevity both with and without primer. On both days I didn’t do much sweating, so take my results with a grain of salt. The no-primer application stayed on about seven hours and I started looking a little shiny after lunch. When I used primer, the foundation stayed on until I got home around 6pm with very limited shine. Impressive stuff!

Would I Buy Again: Absolutely. If you’re a person who like full-coverage foundations and are interested in learning how to airbrush the Mystic foundation is a solid choice.


Don’t forget that for a limited time you can get 20% off ALL Luminess products with the code 873876214!

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