Make Up For Ever Flash Palette Swatches

June 6, 2015
MUFE Swatches

Today I’m reviewing one of my most favorite items in my entire makeup collection, the Make Up For Ever Flash Palette.
MUFE FlashThis handy dandy little palette comes with 12 cream colors. They’re insanely pigmented and can be used for a million different looks. Since these are basically ultra pigmented colors, they can be used to make everything from lipstick to eyeshadows. It can even be used on the face as both a concealer and for a cream contour. Many makeup artists use this palette because of this extreme versatility.

make up forever swatches main

Here are the colors swatched pretty lightly. Ooohhh ahhhh, right? My favorite uses for some of the colors are:

White – I use this for so many things! My favorite use is as a base underneath my eyeshadow – it really makes all the colors pop.

Black – Cream eyeliner! It works super well and the staying power is comparable to other high end cream eyeliners, but doesn’t quite stay on as well as felt tip liner pens.

Brown – I mostly use this for contouring. I apply this underneath my foundation since its so dark and it blends extremely well with the foundation on top. I love to use this technique because it doesn’t require the precision that powder does.

Fuchsia –  This color is intense but looks great as both a blush and a lipstick when mixed with the coral and white.

Red – Same thing as fuchsia.

Coral – I mix this, white, and brown to make concealer. I really like doing this in the summer, because I can match the color to whatever my skin tone is at that given time.

Yellow – I rarely use this color by itself, but I mix it a lot in my lipsticks, blushes and sometimes add a very small dab of it in my concealers.


Do you have a favorite use for your MUFE flash palette? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Bailey Baer August 10, 2015 at 6:25 pm

    I love this blog!

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