In Memoriam: A Salute to the 5 Best Characters We Lost in Game of Thrones Season 6

June 27, 2016

Tomorrow we continue with your regularly scheduled beauty blogging. Tonight we mourn the loss of some of my favorite characters in Game of Thrones.

I know I say it every year, but this was the greatest season of Game of Thrones yet. The episodes were longer, the fights were bigger, the music more grandiose, the dialogue even better, and, with the exception of a short 60 second bit, there was no Dorne.

I’ve given myself some time to digest everything that’s happened and I believe the time has come to mourn our fictional fallen friends. Many came back to us but even more left, so in honor of the fallen I’m saluting the 5 best GOT characters to leave us in season 6 the best way I can: by pitting them against each other in a battle of the most impactful death.


  1. Alliser Thorne

Time of Death: Season 6, episode 3.
Cause of Death: Execution via hanging by Jon Snow.
Why they’re one of the most important deaths: I hated Alliser Thorne. I always thought he was a giant pain in the ass and his smug face really bothered me. Having said that I thought his speech right before he was executed was extremely powerful and speaks volumes to some of the larger running themes in the show. If we recall back to episode three right before he’s executed Jon asks Thorne if he has any last words and Thorne calmly tells him that he is content with dying, as he knows what he did was just. Though he was a giant asshole Thorne was one of the few characters who had a code and really stuck by it. He actually reminded me of Brianne in a lot of ways, with his sense of duty ultimately leading to his demise. Aside from Ned and Brianne, Thorne was one of those characters who took his vows to his grave and fought for what he thought was right up until the end.   


  1. Summer

Time of Death: Season 6, episode 5.
Cause of Death: Attacked by wights trying to defend Bran, Meera, and Hodor.
Why they’re one of the most important deaths: This season saw the death of not one but TWO direwolves. Though the death of Rickon’s Shaggydog was quite sad, the death of Summer was heart breaking on so many levels. The entire episode revolves around the theme of doing things for a cause larger than yourself. We see that with Hodor’s sacrifice (more on that later), we see that with Jaqen’s speech to Arya about serving the Many-Faced God without question, and we see that with Summer’s sacrifice to save Bran, Meera, and Hodor. That’s not it though. The death of Summer is so much more than the death of one the last remaining direwolves, it also represents the death of summer (the season) and birth of winter. Though winter has officially come as of episode 10, I would argue that winter officially began episode 5 when Bran was marked by the Night King, and the army of the undead officially rose.

  1. Ramsey Bolton

 Time of Death: Season 6, episode 9.
Cause of Death: Eaten by his own dogs as his wife watched.
Why they’re one of the most important deaths: Since joining the story in season three, Ramsey has climbed the ranks from sadistic bastard with daddy issues to daddy-killing, baby-murdering, Sansa-raping tyrant. He made Joffrey look innocent in comparison and brought a complex evil that is very rarely explored on television. For every bit of a terrible human that he was he was an even greater character to watch. There was a certain irrationality that consumed him that made every scene with him keep you at the edge of your seat and I don’t think the show has seen or will see a villain as truly awful as Ramsey. Ramsey’s death was completely satisfying after watching three seasons of Theon torture and one season of Sansa torture but despite all that I have to still say I’ll miss Ramsey. As entertaining as he was, the death of Ramsey and unification of the North serves as a reminder that a threat much more terrifying than Ramsey looms north of the wall. With Ramsey gone the show can now spend more time focusing on the destruction and devastation that will ensue from the White Walkers if Westeros doesn’t get it’s shit together.



  1. Margery Tyrell

Time of Death: Season 6, episode 10.
Cause of Death: Exploded in the Great Sept of Baelor.
Why they’re one of the most important deaths: I watched the season finale with a group of friends and it seemed no one was as distraught at the death of Margery as I was. Margery was a favorite character of mine because she was as cunning as she was beautiful and it seems like in Westeros most characters don’t fall in both categories. I always thought Margery was quite a tragic character. She went through three husbands and each one of them was horrible in their own right. Renly had no interest in her (or women), Joffrey was a psychopath, and Tommen was a pathetic puppet who was easily manipulated by anyone who so much as smiled at him. Margery was so smart and politically savvy and I really wish we could have had a chance to see what she would have been able to do had she been given a shot at ruling. To me the death of Margery represents the death of the diplomacy and the triumph of Cersei who for the most part likes to rule by blowing shit up and having her zom-bae rip people’s heads off. To really twist the knife she goes out in true tragic-hero fashion; using her cunning to realize it’s a trap, trying to save her family, but ultimately failing by way of the high sparrow. The reason why she’s one of the most important deaths is obvious. Though it’s never said in so many words, it’s clear that the death of Margery is the final nail in the proverbial coffin for Tommen and he chooses to end things then and there, leaving shitty shitty Cersei sitting on the iron throne.



  1. Hodor

Time of Death: Season 6, episode 5.
Cause of Death: Holding the Door/Bran.
Why they’re one of the most important deaths: I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard or so much at a fictional Character’s death than I did when Hodor died. I believe Hodor’s death is the most impactful death of the season, and probably the series, because unlike every other character who has died on Thrones, Hodor Sacrified himself twice and died twice. His physical death came by way of holding the door, sacrificing himself and allowing himself to be slaughtered by wights so that Meera and Bran could escape. But Hodor was dead long before that night in the cave. As we saw in Bran’s flash back, by warging into young Hodor Bran was able to take control of him and turn him from perfectly healthy to simple minded in just a few seconds. Like many other characters on the show, Hodor was robbed of his life however, for the large majority of characters it comes from a quality that character demonstrates that ultimately leads to their demise. Ned died valiantly defending the calling of honor, Joffery was poisoned because he was shitty and didn’t need to be king, Robb betrayed his word, etc etc. Hodor on the other hand died completely innocent and was used exclusively as a pawn. As Bran’s visions show us, Hodor’s existence is defined by his duty of holding the door, a sacrifice he made once as a child and the sacrifice he makes at the end of Episode 5.


The most devastating deaths in Thrones are when the innocent fall in the middle of conflict and end up paying the price. I was angry when Myrcella was killed. I was devastated when Shireen was murdered. But the most horrifying to me was Hodor was scarified twice and died twice.

What did you think of this season?


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