Ogle School Face Off 2016 Event Recap

June 30, 2016

One day, many moons ago, my fiancé decided that Sundays were made to be lazy. I know this isn’t really a novel thought, but he took it to the extreme. Now anytime I ask him to run errands or do any sort of chores he just sings “LAZY SUNDAY” loudly and obnoxiously.

Most Sundays I oblige him. I am, after all, the world’s biggest proponent of watching shows about tiny houses on Netflix while eating mint chocolate chip gelato.

This Sunday was different though. This Sunday was the un-laziest of lazy Sundays because I got to go the Ogle School Face Off show! For those of you who don’t know, I’m a content writer over at the Ogle School’s blog, and so I was invited to be a VIP and get the chance to go backstage before the show. The show is a fashion show, makeup, and hair competition that showcases the talents of the Ogle School students from every campus across the state. The artists can enter one of two categories (more on that later) and get a model and an assistant to assist them with their look.

Normally I would be conflicted, given it was lazy Sunday and all, but I jumped up at the chance since I saw some of the looks from last year and they were BEAUTIFUL. So I grabbed my finest Kardashian-esque shoes, a LBD, and my friend Becca, and made my way to Gilleys Dallas.

The first thing we did when we arrived was take a tour of the vendor booths. The event was sponsored by Wella, Dermalogica, American Crew, and a bunch of other great brands. In the middle of the room they were also hosting presentations for prospective students. I was mildly intimidated by the fierce looks everyone was sporting, but we trekked on.

IMG_0921 IMG_0916 IMG_0919

Next we got to go backstage to see all of the artists hard at work prepping their models. The categories this year were Molten Ecaille and Bronde Luxe. Contestants had to choose between either category and had to embody either concept in their look. For Molten Ecaille participants had to create a look that channeled  the look of oxidation, gem stones, and metal working – an organic but luxurious look.  For Bronde Luxe the look had to represent the fusion of comfort and style to represent beauty. This look was meant to be much more subdued and neutral, channeling luxury through minimalism.


After a few minutes we were ushered to the green room where we got to eat fancy cheeses and drink flavored sparkling water. This was my first time eating goat cheese (and what I imagine were crackers crafted from the finest butter) in front of a bunch of models. It was a surreal experience and I’m not sure how I feel about it.



The first category showcased was Molten Ecaille and the looks were FIERCE. All of the dresses were provided by Runway Dallas and each one embodied Molten Ecaille perfectly. Many looks incorporated the theme by using metallic hues both in the dresses and in the makeup. A large group of artists chose to take a very modern approach, by using harsh lines both in makeup and hair. All of the Molten Ecaille looks were bold and rich with bronze, rose golds, and coppers.

IMG_1175 IMG_1149

IMG_1195The second category was Bronde Luxe which was a much more wearable, natural look. I had major hair envy after seeing this category. The looks were soft and neutral and I really loved the multi-dimensionality of the hair colors, despite being in less than stellar lighting. Many of the outfits were toned down to ensure that the hair could be the star while still maintaining an image of effortless luxury. Unlike the Molten Ecaille looks, the hair was less sculpted, making it look flowy and full of movement. Like many of the outfits, the makeup was more toned down, featuring rich neutral colors, so that the Bronde Luxe hair could shine through. The looks exuded an air of unburdened sophistication while still making it evident that this was very much at the forefront of beauty trends.


The winner of each category won a giant check for $500 and bragging rights until next year. I wish I could have gotten a picture of the second look, but the winner and his model were whisked away before I could snap a picture. For now though lets ogle (ha. ha. GET IT?!) at this show stopping look that also won. You can’t tell from this angle, but the dress was gorgeous and had a ton of movement! The back had a three tiered satin skirt with each layer being a different earthy and metallic color. The makeup accompanied the dress extremely well and was a dark blue metallic eye and a nude lip.

Overall I had a ton of fun and was amazed by the talent all of the students had. You could really tell a ton of hard work and dedication went into each and every look. I can’t wait to go next year and see more amazing works of art, but for now I think I’ll go watch some Tiny House Hunters and eat some ice cream.


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