Scream Queens Episode 1: Who’s the Red Devil?

September 23, 2015
FOX Scream Queens

Today we take a break from beauty to fangirl over Scream Queens. For all of you who have been living under a rock, Scream Queens is a new show airing this fall created by the mastermind behind American Horror Story and Glee, Ryan Murphy.

In classic Ryan Murphy style, each season will tell a different story but this year we submerge ourselves into the world of the Kappa Kappa Taus, one of the funniest, meanest, and most unapologetically mean girls-esque group of humans lead by chief sorostitute, Chanel (Emma Roberts).

The first episode started with a flashback to 1995 (which for the longest time I firmly believed was 10 years ago, only to be repeatedly reminded by the show that it was 20 years ago, making me feel old and useless) during an epic house party set to the sweet sweet sounds of TLC’s waterfalls. One of the KKTs is inexplicably unaware of her pregnancy and decides to unleash a baby into a bathtub. The girl dies soon after and the baby gets taken away (or so I’ve gathered).

Flash forward to 2015 and we’re introduced to the new class of KKTs who are all hilariously named Chanel including Chanel (Emma Roberts), Chanel #2 (Ariana Grande), Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd), and Chanel #5 (Abagain Breslin). Forced to allow anyone who pledges into their sorority by the pot-smoking cougar, Dean Cathy Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis), the girls haze the pledges through disturbingly creative means in hopes of scaring them off.

While I won’t go into detail recapping the rest of episode, all you really need to know is that a bunch of characters get killed off, including the majestic Shondell, and the audience is left trying to figure out who the red devil costumed murder is.

I know Ryan Murphy is going to give us a million twists and turns but so far here are my list of suspects in order of most to least likely:

  1. Dean Cathy Munsch
    Dean Munsch is at the top of my list just because of how much she hates the KKTs. She seems to have a personal vendetta against the whole group but especially hates Chanel, which would make sense why she’s going around capping people, making it seem like Chanel was behind it all. It’s also very strange that she was there the night the girl died in 1995 and she helped cover up the murder. If she isn’t the red devil, she is at the very least working with him to destroy KKT.
  1. Boone (Nick Jonas)
    Boon is a member of the Dickie Dollar Scholars, the male equivalent of the KKTs. Despite being submerged in a golf-playing, sweater-tied-around-the-shoulders-wearing society, he’s gay and very much into his best friend Chad Radwell, Chanel’s now ex-boyfriend. Mayhaps it’s a crime of passion and he’s trying to get Chad for himself? Maybe he just hates Chanel? Either way can we please get more scenes of Nick Jonas pumping iron? Thanks.
  1. Pete Martinez (Diego Boneta)
    Barrista boy is super hot but super creepy. He has the charming do-gooder attitude of a less hot Finn Collins from The 100 mixed in with the hot creepiness of Tate Langdon from American Horror Story season 1. He’s a suspect for a couple reasons. First of all, he has an almost exact replica of the devil outfit weirdly hung up in his closet. Also, I’ve lived in a dorm. Those closets are tiny. Does this guy not have any clothes? How can he afford to display his weird devil costume like that? It’s taking up precious closet real estate. He’s also super obsessed with the sorority and used to stalk Chanel, making him a prime suspect for being the murder. The only thing that throws me off though is that while he’s sneaking in Dean Munsch’s office to find out more about the 1995 incident, he gets clocked in the head by the red devil. Obviously he can’t be two people at once, so either he’s innocent and just your run of the mill creepo, or he’s working with the red devil.
  1. Gigi Caldwell (Nasim Pedrad)
    I’m actually still a little confused about this character. So she’s the president of the chapter (?) who is also a lawyer and lives with the girls in the house? Also she’s mysteriously stuck in the 90’s because of some traumatic incident (aka the death of the pregnant girl in 1995) that she witnessed. She seems nice enough of a character but she is a little puzzling so she makes my list as a suspect. Also, if you rewatch the scene where she’s talking with Dean Munsch she’s actually the one who suggests that they change the sorority’s rules and allow anyone to join. I have a feeling she was the girl who in 1995 tried to save the dying girl in the bathtub.
  1. Chad Radwell (Glen Powell)
    I don’t have any definitive evidence to prove that Chad is the murder, but I don’t not have any definitive evidence to prove he’s not, so he makes my list. Chad is noticeably into death and is known to be best friends with Boone, who is clearly in on it to some extent. He’s also shallow and vindictive, making him at the very least a person of interest.

What did you think of the Scream Queens premiere? Any theories about who the murder is? I’m quickly becoming obsessed with this show so chat with me about your theories in the comments section below!

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