Target Haul & Review

April 27, 2015

I’m so excited to post my first haul! I actually bought all of this a few weeks back but I wanted to  try all my products at least a few times so I could write an honest and comprehensive review. It always bothers me when people post blogs and vlogs about big hauls they’ve picked up but they can’t really give any critique of the stuff they bought since they haven’t used it yet. Anyway, on to the good stuff!

Shalittle target haul

My magical Target haul consisted of an E.L.F concealer brush ($1), Pixi redness reducing primer ($22), Saly Hansen Salon Effects nail wraps in the shade crowd Surfer ($9.99) and two Que Bella face masks ($2.09 each)
E.L.F. Concealer Brush

E.L.F Concealer Brush Rating: Four star(fish)


My first purchase was the E.L.F concealer brush. The bristles on this are plastic but if I’m in the market for a cheap brush 10 times out of 10 I’ll pick something with plastic bristles instead of faux animal fur since I find the faux fur ones shed way too much. This won’t really compare to higher end brushes, but if you’re in the market for a brush you can just keep in your travel bag this is a great choice especially because of its awesome $1 price tag.

Pixi Redness Primer

Pixi Redness Reducing Primer Rating: Five star(fish)



Can I just say holy crap?! This stuff is miraculous! I have mild rosacea and so I’m always on the lookout for products that will hide the redness in my cheeks without making my face overly cakey and this is far better than any product I’ve ever tried including ones that cost three times as much. The primer applies green with a texture similar to that of a BB cream and almost immediately neutralizes the red. I have been applying just a few dots on my cheeks and my nose and the difference is truly night and day. If you’re interested in seeing the difference this primer makes on my face, check out my instagram. I posted a before and after using the product a few days ago.

glitter salon effects

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips: Three star(fish)



I’ve used these before and aside from the no chipping (which is pretty awesome) these are really nothing to write home about especially for its $9.99 price tag. The box comes with a cuticle pushing stick, a mini nail file and two individually wrapped sets of nail strips. The strips are more round on one end and more square on the other so they’re made to fit most fingers and come in about 13 different strips so you can size them to your fingers. The directions suggest using one set per hand but I’ve actually found it works just as well to cut each strip in half and use both sides. This little trick lets me get two uses per box of polish strips! Overall though the application process is quite a pain and I find them pretty overpriced.


Que Bella Face Masks: Three star(fish)



This is another “nothing to write home about” product (so much so that I forgot to take a picture of them). The first one I tried was the Que Bella clarifying cucumber peel-off mask and it was my favorite of the two. The consistency of the mask was of a very slimy gel that reminded me of the movie flubber. I love peel off masks because it caters to my inherently lazy nature so this great advantage of the product. Overall though I saw no “clarifying” effects whatsoever. The second Que Bella product I bought was the purifying tea tree and witch hazel mud mask. Again, this really didn’t do much for me and I saw no difference in the pimples or redness of my face. I know you can only expect so much from face masks that cost a few dollars so overall I’m not too dissapointed with these.


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