What’s In My Makeup Bag – March 2015

March 26, 2015

I’m not perfect. Sometimes I forget to take my makeup off at night and sometimes, sometimes, I use dry shampoo two days in a row. Shocking, I know.

On the days I’m feeling particularly lazy I wait to do my makeup until I get to work, giving me a few extra precious moments of sleep. So, to prevent the dreaded “you look tired” conversation I carry a small(ish) stash of goodies. I rotate my products around as I find new ones to love, but the one’s I’m loving this month are:

1. Supergoop – Daily Correct CC Cream
What: A color correcting face cream.
Why: I’ve always been skeptical of CC creams and this is the first one I’ve tried that actually corrected color. The coverage is similar to that of a really light foundation but feels substantially more moisturizing so it’s great as a two in one combo item.
Where: $32.00 from Supergoop.

2. Model Co – More Brows
What: An eyebrow thickening gel that fills your brows.
Why: It’s no match to Anastaisa Dipbrow, but when it comes to something I can just throw in my purse this is my go-to. The product is applied similar to mascara so there’s no need to carry a separate brush. I also really like that it can be applied in layers so I always have the option of not rocking power brows.
Where: $18.00 from Model Co.

3. Eyeko London – Skinny Liquid Eyeliner
What: A liquid eyeliner pen.
Why: Two words: fierce wings. The product applies smoothly and after a few seconds of drying time, won’t budge. The best part though is the design of the pen. I get a great deal of control from the fine point, giving me the ability to draw both ultra fine lines and chunky wings.
Where: $16.00 from Eyeko.

4. Too Faced – Better Than Sex
What: The most amazing mascara you’re ever going to get your paws on.
Why: Too Faced has always been good to me but this is my favorite product by far. This mascara makes my lashes so full and so long it actually comes close to looking like I’m wearing false lashes. It works so well I don’t even need to curl my lashes, earning a spot in my makeup bag for its low maintenance-ness.
Where: $23.00 from Too Faced.

5. Make Up For Ever – Rouge Artist Intense in 43 Moulin Rouge
What: An ultra-pigmented lipstick.
Why: In all honesty, it’s a little bit of a love-hate with this lipstick. The color is vibrant and intense and the application is super smooth and buttery, but this is by no means long-wear lipstick and does require pretty frequent reapplication. Overall though if you’re looking for something super pigmented and don’t mind a little maintenance, I would highly recommend this product.
Where: $20 from Make Up For Ever.

6. Rainbow Honey – Rose Nectar Perfume
What: A handcrafted floral perfume
Why: I’m not normally one for floral perfumes but I really like this one because of both how long it lasts and how realistic it smells. Most flower-inspired perfumes, especially rose ones, smell overly sweet and chemical-like to me, but this actually smells more like a meadow.
Where: $7.00, regularly $12.00 from Rainbow Honey (sold out right now).



Now that you know what’s in my makeup bag this month, I want to know what your March must-haves are! Share your March madness (I had to, I had to, I’m sorry.) with me on twitter @littleshalittle and on Instagram @Shalott.







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