8 Beauty Resolutions for 2022

 Beauty Resolutions

New year, new you, whatever whatever. In the spirit of full-disclosure, I need to admit that this year I was less than enthusiastic about starting my resolutions, which is probably why I’m writing them so late. 

Regardless, I think it’s important to take a step back once in a while and analyze where you’re at, and what you want/need to do to get you where you want to be. Whenever I create my resolutions I always find it easier to stick to them if I resolve to do something concrete and measurable. 

For example, instead of having “Watch less TV and more documentaries” I would resolve to “Watch 30 documentaries”.  The same goes for beauty. I need to have specific timelines and measurable goals to stay on track and in order to do that I’ve decided to follow these nine resolutions:

1. Washing my brushes once a month

Though I do this frequently, it really isn’t as frequent as I would like. I’ve emphasized why you should wash your brushes routinely before (you can check it out here if you’re interested) but this year I resolve to do it once a month every month. It’s long, boring, and tedious but even the most expensive makeup will look crappy with poor application, so keeping brushes clean is critical to a great look.

2. Wear sun protection every day

This is also something I do, but I really need to work on doing it consistently. A lot of people think that they should wear SPF only when they’ll be exposed to the sun, but the truth is that its important to wear sun protection all year round, regardless of if you plan on spending time outside.

Even if sunlight is coming in from a window in your office you are being exposed to harmful UV rays so no matter where you go, make sure you’re wearing some kind of sun protection. I love the Coola setting spray that I reviewed here because:

1. It also functions as a setting spray

2. It has SPF 30

3. You can wear it on top of your makeup which is great in case you forget to apply it before.

3. Go on a no-buy for a month

A no-buy, as the name implies, is when you go on a spending freeze. It can be as broad (no purchases except bills and food all month) or as specific (no makeup) as you like. I’ve never done one before but my wallet would really benefit from laying off on the makeup for a month!

4. Attend a master class or seminar

Like any other art, makeup requires creativity and innovation. In 2022 I really want to step up my skills and expanding my horizons by attending a master class; I have my eyes set on Mario Dedivanovic’s master class in Houston, TX. Mario is the best of the best and his class covers the latest techniques with the best products on the market.

5. Drink 50 ounces of water a day

This will be the hardest resolution for me to stick to this year since I’m exceptionally bad about drinking water. I hardly ever feel thirsty and can sometimes go a full day without ever drinking anything.

That’s super bad, I know, I know. To try to meet my goal of drinking 50 oz of water each day I recently got a motivational bottle (not an affiliate link, I just like their stuff) and it helps me stay on track by marking how much water I should drink each hour.

6. Care for and about my hair

My morning routine starts each day at 5am sharp. I get up, make myself some breakfast, and then spend close to half an hour applying my makeup. I cherish this time because its when I can relax, contemplate, and be creative. This doesn’t really leave much time for hair though.

So, in 2022 I resolve to put a little effort into my hair each morning. My goal is to wear at least three different hair styles each week rather than just keeping it straight and down like I do almost every day.