How to Cream Contour: A 17 Second Guide


One of my most popular pins on Pinterest is my how to contour fair skin guide. On Instagram, I’ve been getting asked quite a bit on little tips to contouring for everyday wear.

So, I decided to merge these two together and create a teeny tiny short little instructional video on how I do my cream contour. This is my everyday contour look. It’s not meant to look like a sculpted Kim Kardashian. It’s not meant to be able to kill your enemies with your sharp and chiseled cheekbones.

This technique is what I do when I need to take my face from a round little balloon, to a slightly deflated, less round little balloon.


Products I Used:

  • OC8 Professional Mattifying Gel
  • Lush Minerals Cream Contour Kit
  • Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation in 115, Ivory


A Quick Rundown of What I Did:

Step 1: Prime your face with whatever primer your heart desires.

Step 2: Take the darkest color in the palette and apply it to your temples, hollows of your cheeks, jaw, sides of the nose and top of the forehead. I use the darkest color because my foundation is pretty opaque, so it would be hard to see the contour if I used a lighter color than what I’m using. If you plan on using a really sheer foundation, go with something darker than your skin but nothing too too dramatic.

Step 3: Take the lightest color and apply it down the bridge of your nose, cheek/under eye area and on your forehead. I also apply it right underneath the hollows of my cheeks.

Step 4: Apply your foundation on top. I don’t bother blending it out, because it blends out when I apply my liquid foundation. For this step I use either a flat top brush or a beauty blender. I find it best to apply it by dabbing it on rather than dragging the brush, so that the colors blend but don’t get too muddled.

Step 5: If you want to go the extra mile, set everything with a translucent powder. Otherwise, you’re done.


Quick. Rough. Efficient. I have this routine down to about three minutes and if I’m contouring before I’m off to work, this is generally the technique I’m using. What are your secrets to cream contouring? Let me know in the comments section below!!